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Money and Spirituality

Explore in a creative and interactive way your relationship with money. Through life-coaching and yoga techniques. These exercises explore the physical, energetic, mental, emotional and spiritual manifestations.

Be inspired to commit to the first steps of being self-sufficient doing what you love.

"There is a thought in East and West that spiritual people have things easy. This is only a concept, not reality; we have been grown up thinking that if we are under the eyes of God that everything will be uplifting – this is a religious mentality. When you clean a dirty pot with soap and water muck comes up which is the cleansing of samskaras. Spiritual aspirant is constantly cleaning to unite self with higher self to receive grace. In this process we go through many layers of self-observation: mind and samskaras are observed as we clear them out. clearing them out is not an easy process.

Step 1 is dismantling a building of habits.

Step 2 is rebuilding with better qualities and outlook. Both deconstruction and reconstruction take place.

Some think that spiritual life is a process of only constructing – then they build a palace on shaky foundations. It is part of human nature to reluctantly deconstruct what we have already assembled. Change is not the imposition of the new over the old. But the transformation of old into something new. Inside you know that only by changing internal conditioning can we experience something different"
Swami Niranjanananda

Martha Cuffy talks about her work...
I practice a holistic approach to coaching where there is deep learning which naturally forwards the action in one or many aspects of my client's life. My clients come to coaching because they no longer want things to stay the same or are struggling with change that has been forced upon them. As a coach I support people on this journey by championing, challenging, and offering new perspectives on what I see going on in my client's life, whilst reminding them of their vales and purpose. I am not there to manage their ego, but to help them discover and articulate and live by what it true for them. The advantage of a coaching relationship is that I am committed to be a regular presence in their life whilst they undergo a period of voluntary or involuntary change such as redundancy, career change or setting up a new business.

My style of working has been described as protective, playful, direct, humorous, compassionate. I am unashamedly fierce in holding you to what you wish to become even when you are full of doubt.
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Presenters: Martha Cuffy and Poornam
Martha left a career in the City to spend two years studying the MA in Yoga Psychology at Bihar Yoga Bharati, India. She now works as a life and business coach for social entrepreneurs. Poornam is an inspiring Yoga teacher and experienced Montessori teacher of many years.

Date: Sunday 25th June 10.00 a.m. - 4.00 p.m.

Venue: Horeb Studio, Llandeilo.

Fee: £55

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