Towards Kriya Yoga - Bandhas in Practices

The third workshop in the series “Towards Kriyas” systematically explores the approach to the practice of bandhas which are extensively used in the pratyahara set of Kriyas. The Bandhas can be experienced as a tool for transformation of consciousness from gross to subtle when used in combination with asana pranayama and mudra.

The workshop is also open to experienced practitioners and teachers unable to attend the previous workshops on preparation for Kriya Yoga but wish to deepen the experience of their personal practice.

The day will include a shared lunch.

Presenter: Swami Sumitrananda was initiated into the Kriya Yoga System in the Satyananda Ashram – Australia and has been involved in the teaching of Kriyas and associated practices at the Bihar School of Yoga, India over many years.

Date: Saturday 6th February Time: 10.00am - 5.00pm


Fee: £35

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