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Prana Vidya Retreat

Prana is the lifeforce and when balanced we feel healthy, vital and able to respond to life in a joyful way. All yoga practices support healthy balanced prana. However, we are usually not conscious of how his happens. Higher living requires that we consciously manipulate prana to improve our well-being.

Learn techniques to balance the 5 pranas of the body, move energy through the various energy channels, strengthen the mind and awaken awareness of prana. This forms the basis of your ability to work with the powerful, advanced technique of Prana Vidya, utilising prana for self-healing.

Prior yogic and meditative experience is required for this course.

Presenter: Swami Pragyamurti, Director of Satyananda Yoga Centre, London teaches extensively throughout Europe conducting workshops, lectures, seminars and for 18 years has conducted teacher-training courses in the UK and Europe. She is a warm enthusiastic and charismatic teacher with the gift of imparting the subtle knowledge of yoga in a clear way.

Dates: Friday 20th - Sunday 22nd July 07

Venue: Horeb Studio, Llandeilo.

Fee: £150

Booking essential as numbers are limited

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