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Developing Meditation

Meditation practice is the development of a subtle awareness, a new state of being and developing a clearer percepetion. This workshop will focus on ways in which meditation experience can develop and grow through practice and theory.

"We live our life on two levels at the same time. We have an outer life that we are very much familiar with every day, and we also have an inner life, which is continually effected by our regular daily life. Yoga practice and meditation in particular are means to look after and nurture the life as it is experienced inside so our outer life may become richer for that."

The Presenter
The workshop will be conducted by Swami Anandakumar, course director of the four month yoga studies and teacher for graduate courses at Bihar Yoga Bharati, the main centre of “Satyananda Yoga” in India. He has had many years experience studying, travelling and teaching in different countries.

Date: Saturday 12th May 10am – 4.00pm

The Venue: Horeb Studio, Llandeilo

Fee: £35

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